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Flabby To Firm

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Blog by Katie Greene

"I don't want to bulk up;" "I don't want to look like a man;" "I don't want to gain any weight." Since being a Beachbody coach, this is what I hear constantly from women. And, to be honest, I felt the same way before incorporating resistance training into my life. But, here are the other things that I hear nearly every day - "I have no energy;" "I gain weight so easily;" and "something happened to my metabolism when I hit 30." The truth is that as we age, we lose muscle every year. Losing muscle decreases metabolism and makes us look older. It is a part of the aging process, but you do not have to give into it. There is a solution. Yes, it takes work. No, there is no magic pill. Resistance training is the most effective way to beat the battle of the bulge and get a youthful body back! So, stop that yo yo dieting! Get your muscle back! Reclaim your metabolism so that you can EAT again. That has been my very favorite result!

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So, read these facts and then, start lifting!

1) You will burn fat! Sure, you might gain some lean muscle, but you will burn more fat, appear leaner and be healthier.

2) Women are not physically capable of bulking up the way that men bulk up. We do not have the same hormones that cause hypertrophy. The body builder, scary looking women are not just lifting. They are taking serious supplements and intentionally aiming for that kind of look. This will not happen to you unless you take supplements. What will happen- definition, less flab, better fitting clothes, a better overall shape and a more youthful body.

3) Resistance training has many health benefits - it helps fight depression, helps to increase energy levels, reduces risk of diabetes, and reduces your risk of heart disease! It also can reduce risk of arthritis and back pain. I have personally experienced a dramatic decrease of back pain since adding resistance training. I no longer need a chiropractor.

*** How can I help YOU? My resistance training began with a program called Les Mills Body Pump. It is an amazing program that you can do at home. Included in your program is a bar with plates. It is a fun, super effective full body work out. No gym visits required. No confusing equipment! I am a total Body Pump junky! ***


I have also started using ChaLEAN Extreme and love it! This is another resistance program - no bar required. It comes with bands and you can use your own dumbells if you prefer that over the bands. Unlike pump, which uses lighter weights/more reps, ChaLEAN encourages you to push more weight and fewer reps. Both programs are VERY effective and fun!


Don't forget! Focus T25 from the creator of Insanity is also on sale this month! The challenge pack is $180 and includes this amazing program, 30 days of Shakeology, nutritional guidance and online support. FREE shipping. The price will increase in August! So, order this month! Time is no longer an excuse. 25 min, 5 days a week. Get it done. Everyone is loving this program. Check out these REAL results - and get a discount ...

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This is the very first week of June! It means beach trips, pool days, shorts and sleeveless shirts. If you are not looking forward to this season because of the lack of clothes (I have definitely been there!), you should take advantage of Beachbody's June special- Les Mills Body Combat challenge packs for just $140!!! That is an amazing deal! You get 30 days of Shakeology (top notch nutritional shake, no GMOs, no soy, no artificial ingredients and 70 super foods each with their own health benefit!), the amazing combat fitness program, nutritional information and online support- all for $140! You cannot beat that. Combat will tone up your arms, strengthen your core and add great definition to your legs. It is a full body work out that uses mixed martial arts. It is fun and addicting. Message me or click the picture below for details! I can get you started and stick with you every step of the way! Don't let another day go by where you ignore your health. Take control today.

Welcome to my blog! I am a mom of two young children who has struggled with being overweight since I my first pregnancy. I gained 60 lbs with both pregnancies and I have worked so hard to lose the weight! It has not been easy. It requires blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of consistency. It was, however, worth every ounce of effort! My goal is not to make working out my life. My goal is to work out to live a better life! I want to keep up with my kids, I want to have energy and someday, I want to be a great grandmother! Tired of being sick and tired? I have been there. I can relate. But there is hope! Let me help you get out of the cycle and completely transform your life!

In an effort to be transparent and real, here is a picture of me at my heaviest. I weighed close to 200 lbs and I am only 5'3. While I was over the moon to be a mom, I felt like I was a trapped in someone else's body. I was exhausted and very self conscious. I did not even want to leave the house.

Fast forward ... I am still over the moon about being a mom! But, I feel like myself again! I feel happy, energetic, and healthy. Pursuing my own health has transformed me into a more patient, active mom. I want to be there for my kids for many years to come! My goal is not to look like a barbie doll (but, hey, if that happens too, I will go with the flow). My goal is to live a full life and I use fitness and nutrition as a way to make the most out of my life!

 Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.
Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program.

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